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The Kylián Fund Prague was founded with the support of the Netherlands-based Kylián Foundation, as an independent Czech organization with an international presence. The Fund is built upon the legacy of world-renowned choreographer Jiří Kylián, & is independent of state institutions, obtaining funds instead from private sources – which are then directed towards the development of contemporary dance & related fields.



The Kylián Fund Prague encourages and participates in the creation of new dance and dance-related projects; connects professionals and the public and facilitates the exchange of ideas and the putting of these ideas into practice; promotes dance education, dissemination, and development.



PRODUCTION SUPPORT – support of selected contemporary dance projects, of the emergence of new dance films, of the installation of visuals in public spaces, and of the search for other media paths for dance, movement, and dynamics in space.


ARCHIVING AND DISTRIBUTION – management and development of the Kylián Dance Archive in Prague and its online accessibility; archiving and distribution of available materials.


EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT – cooperation with partners dedicated to dance education and related fields; promoting the exchange of experiences among students, lecturers, and mentors; scholarships and workshops.

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