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Kylián Dance Archive

The Kylián Dance Archive is publicly accessible & includes documentation of Jiří Kylián's work, as well as materials from the entire dance world.

WATCH NOW choreography and the film’s by Jiří Kylán.


In the Kylián Dance Archive one can find:

videos / about 3,200 recordings on DVD and HDD

books / more than 2,750 Czech & foreign titles

history of dance & ballet (books, textbooks & scripts) / professional dance literature (from the fields of dance science, general & dance aesthetics, ethnography, sociology & others) / dance techniques & methodology of classical, modern, & folk dance / rhythmic movement & dance education for children & youth / descriptions, chorological & musical recordings of dances / libretto ballets / biographies of dancers & performers / published profiles of ensembles & theaters / books & drawings


journals / about 80 Czech & foreign titles published both today & in the past 

Taneční sezóna, Taneční listy, Taneční zóna, Taneční rozhledy, Pam-Pam, Dancing Time, Divadlo, Jeviště, Dance and Dancers, Dance Magazine, Les Saisons de la Danse, About the House, Ballet International, Tanzarchiv, Tanzdrama, Dance Australia, Carnet & many more

info materials / programs of Czech & foreign theaters, shows & festivals, posters, theater yearbooks, repertory lists

assorted materials / manuscripts, correspondence, personal documents, photographs & other such materials, from the archives of choreographer, Jiří Kylián / dancer, Markéta Kyliánová (Rita-Rita) / choreographer, Jan Hartmann / dancer & collector, Stanislav Buzek, including part of his extensive collection / prof. Božena Brodská / Mrs. Elmarita Divíšková / choreographer & director of the National Theater, Jiří Němeček / choreographer & pedagogue, Jiřina Mlíkovská / lecturer, Eva Kröschlová & choreographer, Jarmila Kröschlová & others


Materials can be searched for & booked here

Address & contact of the Kylián Dance Archive here.

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