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KYL.expo is a video project created in 2017, consisting of a unique series of photographs, in honor of Jiří Kylián's 70th birthday.


We wanted to give our audience further insight into Kylián's unique creations, allowing them to immerse themselves in the never-ending movement, beauty, and mystery of the human body – just as Jiří Kylián has done over the past five decades.


The author of the pictures is well-known Dutch photographer Joris Jan Bos, who has devoted much of his life's work to the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) & its performers –  a place where Jiří Kylián also created a major portion of his work.


This set of photos can be provided to other institutions, projects & events in public spaces, theaters, & galleries.


The technical requirements depend on chosen locations, possibilities & needs. The best results will be achieved using a professional projector with 8000 or preferably 16,000 LUMEN. However, it is necessary to discuss everything individually & to agree on a particular project.


For more information, please contact us at

Joris Jan Bos Photography ©

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