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traces in the sand

Series of Q&A talks hold by the Kylián Dance Archive in Prague, in honour to the history of the persons entangled with the dance world and the arts. Arranging the space and opportunity to let out the memories and life challenges, that may resonate for the coming generations, is our aim. We remember the lives and work of artists also in memoriam,

for their traces leave a mark on our path for us to continue.


Random meetings with the generation of artist whom in the context of the world of dance were the engine to the local Czech scene.   


Our Honoured guests were:

František Bonuš (in memoriam)

Božena Brodská

Josef Jelínek

Lubomír Kafka (in memoriam)

Jiří Kaftan (in memoriam)

Zdenka Kratochvílová

Eva Kröschlová

Jiřina Mlíkovská (in memoriam)

Vladimír Nečas (in memoriam)

Luboš Ogoun (in memoriam)

Jiří Opěla 

Karel Pavlištík

František Pokorný

Alena Skálová (in memoriam)

Milan Sládek

Richard Weber

Petr Weigl

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