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  • As of the school year 2019/2020 we’ve launched continual collaboration on the project Kylián Workshop ČR. Students of the dance conservatories in Prague, Ostrava and Brno, get the opportunity to be in touch with specific materials regularly, therefore more into depth.      

  • KDA is digitizing  it’s collections through , as well as modernizing the environment to serve its purpose most practically. Welcome to pay a visit, to see for yourself. 

  • Kylián  Fund Prague  together with  the Czech National  Ballet and Festival TANEC  PRAHA present retrospective  multimedia exhibition of the greatest Czech  choreographer Jiří Kylián. Celebrating  Kylián! Opens 5. – 10. 6. 2018 and 11. – 25. 10. 2018 in the B Building of the National theatre at the Václav Havel square, Prague 1. Celebrating  Kylián! is an adaptation of the homonymic multimedia exhibition organised within the special festival Celebrating Kylián! initiated by Holland Dance Festival, Kylián Productions, Korzo Theater, Nederlands Dans Theater and Zuiderstrandtheater in order to celebrate Jiří Kylián’s 70th birthday throughout the year 2017 in the Netherlands. With the lightness and weight at the same time, the expositions present the one of a kind person as well as an artist, the evolution of his work and his essential contribution to the world of dance.

  • At its plenary session on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the Académie des beaux-arts confirmed the election of Jiří Kylián as a foreign associate member of the chair that was previously held by Leonardo Cremonini. This election has just received the approval of the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the statutes of the Academy. The Academy also adopted, on April 25, a reform of its statutes in view of creating a choreography section. This modification of the statutes will soon be submitted to the Council of State.

  • TRACES IN THE SAND, JIŘÍ OPĚLA, Kylián Dance Archive, May 2 2018. The guest to the Traces in the Sand, the cycle of the discussions, was mr. Jiří Opěla. The man of many talents related to the Live Arts. Prior to all, the one well known Czech manager, Production manager and Producer, devoting his 30 years of work to the Prague Chamber Ballet directed by Pavel Šmok, the one to introduce to the Czech audience the world known choreographer Jiří Kylián and many other foreign artists. At present Jiří Opěla initiates the Manager of the Year award, granted during the Czech Dance Platform in Prague.

  • On March 1, 2018, Unlit Horizon - a new dance film from Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský - premiered in the SmetanaQ Gallery. The film, created with our financial assistance given to the winners of the MAYA Award, is a fresh and unusual aesthetic experience. The audience is immersed in the digital world of dance, they share virtual space with the dancers and are able to watch the performances from a new perspective.

  • The Kylián Fund Prague invited professionals, friends, and dancers, to the opening of the Kylián Dance Archive. The event took place on January 12, 2018, at the HAMU library on Malostranské náměstí, Prague, the home of the archives.

  • On International Dance Day (29.4.2017) we introduced KYL.expo – a collection of photos by longstanding NDT photographer, Joris Jan Bos, featuring the choreography of Jiří Kylián. This collection was presented on a big screen and preceded a performance of Kylián's Falling Angels, at the National Theater in Ostrava. KYL.expo is now ready and available for presentation by other interested parties.

  • The MAYA Award was awarded to Mária Júdová of Slovakia, the first-ever recipient of this prize. As a main partner of the Dance Film Festival in the Czech Republic, we gave 60,000 czk for the creation of her film. The winner's work shall be finished by the end of 2017 and will premier at a special event during the Dance Film Festival Prague, in the spring of 2018.


  • We cooperated with the 420PEOPLE dance company on the educational project, Gaga Workshop Prague 2017, and we contributed scholarships for four chosen dancers.

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