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about Jiří Kylián

Jiří Kylián is a dancer and choreographer of Czech origin. He was born in Prague in 1947, where finished studies at the Dance Conservatory. In 1967 granted yearlong scholarship, Jiří graduated from the Royal Ballet Academy in London. Returning home for only very short period, in order to decide for immigration, it was August 1968.  As a dancer he accepted the offer to join the ballet ensemble in Stuttgart, Germany, led by John Cranko. At the beginning of the 70’s, Jiří created several works for the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) as a guest, to be soon invited to lead the company as an artistic director.  Spending most of his creative life in Den Haag, as a leader he built a world’s top dance company and left an indelible trail of his exceptional talent and art. He is currently focusing on his own productions, primarily visual projects, within the Kylián Foundation NL with his own production unit, Kylián Productions BV.

Jiří Kylián is a fellow native who moved past familiar boundaries to worldwide renown. His work is incredibly diverse and creative and he is constantly looking for new ways of expression. This unprecedented sensitivity to the dynamics and inner drama of any production is based on his inexhaustible inventiveness and musicality. The number of his works has long since surpassed one hundred. He has had a stormy artistic development that is no longer restricted by the theatre stage. At present, he is focused on creation of dance films and photography. His creativity suggests no limits, as exemplified by his collaboration with Václav Havel on the film Leaving.


You can find more about Jiří Kylián's projects on his website.

Joris Jan Bos Photography ©

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